Friday, 16 August 2013

Allow Overfunding For Crowdfunding Script

Agriya’s SF Platform is a flexible crowdfunding script which adapts to your requirements and is capable of launching any kind of fundraising website. You can use this script to create a crowdfunding for funeral, medical, education, games, etc. This script has many user-friendly features and creative revenue options. Let’s see one of the most exclusive features of SF Platform.

Allow overfunding :

Many crowdfunding websites do not allow overfunding of a project. Many funders find a potential in an idea and
they might choose to fund beyond the expected amount. On the flip side, the campaign holder gets more funds to accomplish his projects and the webmaster gets commission from every fund raised on his website.

Final word :

The above-mentioned feature is just one amongst the pool of SF Platform features. There are many such features which will help you, your users and the funders. Get in touch with Agriya to know more about it.

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