Monday, 19 August 2013

Flexible Commission For Crowdfunding

Agriya welcomes to the world of crowdfunding. The crowdfunding industry has created a lot of success for various websites, users and funders. Any entrepreneur can use this opportunity and create a business out of it.

Agriya’s SF Platform assist an entrepreneur to develop a cost-effective and efficient crowdfunding website in a short span of time. It has various cutting-edge features and revenue models which help them start attracting users and revenue to their crowdfunding website from the first day of its launch.

Let’s have a look at one of its stunning revenue generating features.

Flexible commission :

A webmaster has various revenue options like project listing fee, charge commission from each amount pledge on the project, a flat flexible commission fee for crowdfunding project and a one-time signup fee.

He can use the combination of any two commission model from the above- mentioned revenue options. This script automates all the kind of payment using the PayPal adaptive payment gateway.

Final word:

There are many such features will help you to earn money and run your crowdfunding website successfully. Contact Agriya to know more about it.

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