Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Overview of Agriya’s Kickstarter clone script

Agriya came up with the revolutionary Kickstarter clone script to the digital world which facilitates the entrepreneurs to startup an exclusive pledge based crowdfunding website within 48 hours. This advanced script helps you to launch a next generation website in the fundraising industry with many significant features in it. Let’s take a quick look at this script.

Script description

Agriya’s outstanding Kickstarter clone script is the ready-made package which launches your website within a couple of days effectively. This script has pre-defined web designs, develop and test coding accurately for smooth functioning of the website. It also empowered with responsive web designs which help to increase the traffic rate of both mobile and desktop users in your website.

How it works?

This script acts as a bridge for connecting users who require funds for their creative ideas to the backers who are having a willingness to pledge their money for developing the project. Backers will view the listed ideas in your website and pledge for the proficient ideas. You will earn money for every pledge done by the backers.
Feature-rich script

Your pledge based crowdfunding website will be powered with many interesting and indispensable feature options for managing, operating and running it productively.

This leading-edge script embeds multiple pledging model and reward system options, which are most valuable options for your Kickstarter clone website. It gives flexibility for the users to select their own model and rewarding system to attract many new investors towards their idea.

What are ways of making revenue out of this script?

Starting from the registrations of every user to every pledge that occurs in the website, this script provides you excellent revenue generating options to your exceptional pledge based fundraising website. This script also avail ad banners and advertisement captcha option to make money out of the commercial world.
Vital words

This is the overall depiction of this Kickstarter clone script. Get in touch with Agriya to corral more information about this script.

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