Thursday, 5 February 2015

An excellent idea mechanism feature of Agriya's pledge-based crowdfunding script

Idea is a major thing to be considered while creating a pledge-based crowdfunding website. It only brings numerous investors and  act as a major source of income to the website. Any entrepreneurs should create such a website which has viability testing facility to check the listed ideas before accepting it.

Agriya looked into this factor in depth and introduced their advanced Kickstarter clone script with excellent idea mechanism option. It facilitates the entrepreneurs to launch their pledge-based crowdfunding website within 48 hours. Let's have a deep look at one of the main resources of this script which assists to increase the traffic and earnings of the website tremendously.

Idea mechanism

When an innovative idea is posted in your exceptional pledge-based crowdfunding website, this option takes it for the voting phase. The idea is kept in this phase till an optimum number of people accept the concept and vote for it.

Once the tipping point of the voting is reached, the listed idea is taken to the funding stage. During this phase, the idea is displayed in your website for collecting the required funds to develop the idea into a full-fledged project. This complete process helps you to realize whether the idea is feasible enough or not to turn into a successful project.

It also assists to create trust among the investors to pledge their money for their favorite idea. This gives you a complete assurance for attracting more genuine users and generating huge of money to get your return on investment quickly.

Core theme

This Kickstarter clone script has many substantial features which help to run a successful business in the fundraising industry. Keep in touch with Agriya to know more detailed information about this script. 

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