Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Multiple communication modes of Agriya's Kickstarter clone script

The promising pledge based crowdfunding business model are growing by leaps and bounds in the global market. Many entrepreneurs like you are eager to get a head start to their new fundraising website quickly and create a unique place in this industry. Then, why are you waiting for? Just opt for Agriya's exceptional ready-made Kickstarter clone script.

We will takecare of the website launch and establishes your exclusive pledge-based fundraising website within a short period of time. Our script will powers your crowdfunding website with many excellent features for its smooth functioning. It is also imparted with four different communication modes, which help the backers and users with creative ideas to converse their own views with each other easily. Let's have a deep look at each and every communication mode of this script right away.

Commenting system

Users can easily communicate with each other, share their personal views about the projects, clarify all their doubts in the projects and discuss the project with the help of the commenting system available in this script. This feature also assists the users to build a cordial relationship with each others.

Facebook comments

Any registered users of your pledge based crowdfunding website can comment their views regarding the project through their Facebook account with ease. This helps you to get more exposure for your website among numerous target audience with this excellent feature.

Disqus comments

This script imparts this excellent option where all the website users can communicate with each other, discuss anything regarding projects, clarify their queries with ease. They can also vote for the comment which are given by other community members. This option will display each and every comment to all users through their disqus profile.

Internal messaging system

Any users can converse their views with other website members by using this internal messaging system feature of this script. As a website owner, you can monitor the conversion between all backers and users effectively. If any case a problem arises between the backers and users, you can resolve the problem without any ambiguity by analyzing their relationship through their messaging history.

Vital words
There are many more interesting features in this Kickstarter clone script. You can visit our official site for obtaining more information about this script.

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