Friday, 20 February 2015

What are the three vital features to change your pledge-based fundraising website mode before and after its launch?

Agriya provides strong support for creating a unique pledge-based fundraising website with the complete assistance of its revolutionary Kickstarter clone script. It facilitates many incredible features which help the entrepreneurs to operate and run a successful crowdfunding website within a few days. Let's experience the 3 prominent features of this script right away.

Private-beta mode
By using this option, you can launch the pledge-based fundraising website to notify the users to have a fresh look at the website. They can also provide their valuable comments and feedback about your website. This helps you to correct the flaws in the website before its final launch.

Pre-launch mode
You can easily notify the target audience that your website is going to launch soon by using this pre-launch mode option facilitated by this script. You can create a keen interest among the audience, invite them to your website by collecting email ids in this phase. Once your website is completely ready for its launch, you can indicate the users about its launch with ease.

Maintenance mode
Transform your website into maintenance mode within a fraction of seconds by utilizing this option crafted by this script. You can accomplish the required maintenance work in the website and furnish the website in a new look and feel which can gratify the needs in an enriched way effectively.

Final words
This Kickstarter clone script has furnished your website with many more significant features which help you to manage and maintain it easily. Get in touch with us to gain more key details about this script.

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