Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The 'High Five' Crowdfunders

Will crowdfunding replace pre-seed start-up investments or will professional investors ‘lead’ crowdfunding campaigns, rather than or along with leading their own funds’ investments? It might very well happen, though not anytime soon. Crowdfunding nonetheless will be a very exciting and integral part to the evolving investing dynamic globally. In this journey, Entrepreneur picks up the superb five crowdfunding platforms that are scripting the India story of this global change ahead.


Started in 2010 as a micro lending platform, Milaap expanded its scope of lending to crowdfunding model in September 2014 after realizing that only so many causes can be supported via micro lending route that exclude cases like medical emergencies. Today, it is the largest charitybased crowdfunding platform in India for personal and social causes even as charity or donation-based model is the largest crowdfunding model in India. “We are a utilitarian platform in the sense that people raise money for something that has a purpose and a meaningful impact,” says Anoj Viswanathan, Co-Founder, Milaap. For good, there is no time limit to raise funds and hence, the campaigner can raise funds as long as he/she wants without any penalty. Medical emergencies and community projects (civic engagements, renovation of local school etc.) are among the top reasons people choose Milaap. The platform is now focusing on two broad areas; first, it is taking a sector-driven approach towards partnerships, for instance, with hospitals where doctors would be setting up campaigns for their patients or recommending them to Milaap. Second, in order to attract more support and visibility to the campaign beyond the campaigner’s own network of friends and family, Milaap uses social media diligently. They call it ‘Amplify’ as an option for the campaigner. “If people want to take their cause to a larger audience, we would help them through social media. No crowdfunding platform has this structure globally. We will take it to other emerging markets in South Asia in one-two years,” adds Viswanathan.


Rewards-based Wishberry aspires to be India’s Kickstarter – world’s second largest crowdfunding platform (in terms of total money mobilized) as both focuses on creative projects. In 2014, it changed its flexible funding model (for campaigners to get whatever money they are able to raise in the limited time instead of raising the targeted amount) to all-ornothing. “We are on a mission to rescue creativity in India. Even though one of our competitors has a bollywood actor as its co-founder, they haven’t been able to attract any big ticket campaign. So it’s vital to have the brand focus,” says Priyanka Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, Wishberry. Interestingly, the platform will soon launch an incubator for budding musicians along with composer and singer Shankar Mahadevan’s (who is one of the investors in Wisberry) Bengalurubased Shankar Mahadevan Academy. “Mahadevan will curate these music artists and we will help them raise money. The total amount raised will be matched by the academy and few grant giving organizations that we work with,” adds Agarwal who has already planned further extension of the incubator. In Q1 2017, the incubator will launch ‘Taare Zameen Par’ segment to work with under privileged or differently-abled young musicians.


When 18-year old Shweta Katti, daughter of a sex worker based in Kamathipura – Mumbai’s red light district was able to make it to the US for studies in 2013, it was the happiest moment for team Ketto that claims to be the biggest rewards-cum-charity based crowdfunding platform in India. It’s because Ketto helped her raise money through a Mumbai-based nonprofit called Kranti. Moreover, in 2014 Katti even won United Nations’ Youth Courage Award. On the top of the crowdfunding chain in India, Ketto is unfazed by numerous existing similar platforms. “Competition is, infact required to create more awareness about crowdfunding. It is too early for only one player to exist in the market. The more the players, the better it is in order to reach out and educate more people, which would eventually add more value to it,” says Varun Sheth, Founder and CEO, Ketto. The platform recently launched its improved version called Ketto 3.0 with new design, user experience and features including social media sharing and ‘Ask for an Update’ where the backer of a particular campaign can request for an update from the campaigner about the fund’s allocation and its progress. Ketto will also soon enable recurring donations, first of its kind platform, for non-profits to raise money every month from current donors.


Launched in 2013 by Satish Kataria (former venture capitalist), sector agnostic Catapooolt (extra O to signify that three’s a crowd) has grown quite rapidly to have more than 2,000 contributors and raised more than Rs 1 crore. Kataria claims to be among the people introducing crowdfunding concept in India. In 2010, he launched a crowdfunding model through his earlier venture Springboard Ventures. The platform raised Rs 1.2 crore in its seed round from Kolkata Angels, Venture Nursery, and others. The contributors or backers on Catapooolt receive quarterly updates on the utilization of funds by the campaigners. Early this year, it launched ‘Catapoolt Changemakers Challenge’ for start-ups in Internet of things, consumer products, health and lifesciences, transportation and energy. The top 15 startups out of 250 submissions were selected for pitching to angel investors on grand finale.


Government apathy towards less famous sports, outside the purview of cricket, in India isn’t a secret. So when it comes to something like ice hockey, times got even tougher for the India team in April 2015 when it lacked enough funds to participate in the Championship Cup of Asia in Kuwait. So, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise Rs 3.5 lakh on Delhi-based BitGiving platform, and within a week it raised Rs 5.69 lakh. “It marked the way for other sportsmen to know about other ways to raise funds,” says Ishita Anand, Founder and CEO, BitGiving. Anand believes that reward-cum-charity based BitGiving was started to bridge the huge deficit that existed in 2013 in the ways, for social organizations, creative artists etc., to raise funds. It began with social space since the learning curve was much faster, and later went sector agnostic. The platform guide the campaigners to engage with people through various channels like Google, WhatsApp etc., and which one works best for them. “We automated the process to tell them that particular percent of backers comes through their Facebook chats etc.,” adds Anand. This makes campaigners less dependent on BitGiving to amplifying their campaign’s .

This article first appeared in the Indian edition of Entrepreneur magazine (August 2016 Issue).

Content source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/281207

Friday, 9 September 2016

Can you sell existing products on Kickstarter?

Joe Orecchio, a member of the CrowdCrux family, asked a question on the podcast today.

“We’re trying to revitalise existing products that we have unique access to and we were wondering if we can use crowdfunding to introduce them to the world?”

I’ll answer this question along with the strategy that I’d personally use to get their products back out there into the marketplace.

We’ll discuss some of the basic rules around running a Kickstarter campaign. More importantly, I’ll go into the strategy of launching a new product online. I have to be honest that crowdfunding isn’t always the best way to get the word out about your new product. You’re about to see whether or not Joe can use crowdfunding for his business.

Links and resources mentioned:

  • The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform has 5 million monthly visitors, 100,000 subscribers, and they have helped over 2500 customers with promotion thus far.
  • Fulfillrite: Kickstarter and crowdfunding reward fulfillment services. They come highly recommended!
  • AskSal

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Friday, 20 February 2015

What are the three vital features to change your pledge-based fundraising website mode before and after its launch?

Agriya provides strong support for creating a unique pledge-based fundraising website with the complete assistance of its revolutionary Kickstarter clone script. It facilitates many incredible features which help the entrepreneurs to operate and run a successful crowdfunding website within a few days. Let's experience the 3 prominent features of this script right away.

Private-beta mode
By using this option, you can launch the pledge-based fundraising website to notify the users to have a fresh look at the website. They can also provide their valuable comments and feedback about your website. This helps you to correct the flaws in the website before its final launch.

Pre-launch mode
You can easily notify the target audience that your website is going to launch soon by using this pre-launch mode option facilitated by this script. You can create a keen interest among the audience, invite them to your website by collecting email ids in this phase. Once your website is completely ready for its launch, you can indicate the users about its launch with ease.

Maintenance mode
Transform your website into maintenance mode within a fraction of seconds by utilizing this option crafted by this script. You can accomplish the required maintenance work in the website and furnish the website in a new look and feel which can gratify the needs in an enriched way effectively.

Final words
This Kickstarter clone script has furnished your website with many more significant features which help you to manage and maintain it easily. Get in touch with us to gain more key details about this script.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

An excellent idea mechanism feature of Agriya's pledge-based crowdfunding script

Idea is a major thing to be considered while creating a pledge-based crowdfunding website. It only brings numerous investors and  act as a major source of income to the website. Any entrepreneurs should create such a website which has viability testing facility to check the listed ideas before accepting it.

Agriya looked into this factor in depth and introduced their advanced Kickstarter clone script with excellent idea mechanism option. It facilitates the entrepreneurs to launch their pledge-based crowdfunding website within 48 hours. Let's have a deep look at one of the main resources of this script which assists to increase the traffic and earnings of the website tremendously.

Idea mechanism

When an innovative idea is posted in your exceptional pledge-based crowdfunding website, this option takes it for the voting phase. The idea is kept in this phase till an optimum number of people accept the concept and vote for it.

Once the tipping point of the voting is reached, the listed idea is taken to the funding stage. During this phase, the idea is displayed in your website for collecting the required funds to develop the idea into a full-fledged project. This complete process helps you to realize whether the idea is feasible enough or not to turn into a successful project.

It also assists to create trust among the investors to pledge their money for their favorite idea. This gives you a complete assurance for attracting more genuine users and generating huge of money to get your return on investment quickly.

Core theme

This Kickstarter clone script has many substantial features which help to run a successful business in the fundraising industry. Keep in touch with Agriya to know more detailed information about this script. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Multiple communication modes of Agriya's Kickstarter clone script

The promising pledge based crowdfunding business model are growing by leaps and bounds in the global market. Many entrepreneurs like you are eager to get a head start to their new fundraising website quickly and create a unique place in this industry. Then, why are you waiting for? Just opt for Agriya's exceptional ready-made Kickstarter clone script.

We will takecare of the website launch and establishes your exclusive pledge-based fundraising website within a short period of time. Our script will powers your crowdfunding website with many excellent features for its smooth functioning. It is also imparted with four different communication modes, which help the backers and users with creative ideas to converse their own views with each other easily. Let's have a deep look at each and every communication mode of this script right away.

Commenting system

Users can easily communicate with each other, share their personal views about the projects, clarify all their doubts in the projects and discuss the project with the help of the commenting system available in this script. This feature also assists the users to build a cordial relationship with each others.

Facebook comments

Any registered users of your pledge based crowdfunding website can comment their views regarding the project through their Facebook account with ease. This helps you to get more exposure for your website among numerous target audience with this excellent feature.

Disqus comments

This script imparts this excellent option where all the website users can communicate with each other, discuss anything regarding projects, clarify their queries with ease. They can also vote for the comment which are given by other community members. This option will display each and every comment to all users through their disqus profile.

Internal messaging system

Any users can converse their views with other website members by using this internal messaging system feature of this script. As a website owner, you can monitor the conversion between all backers and users effectively. If any case a problem arises between the backers and users, you can resolve the problem without any ambiguity by analyzing their relationship through their messaging history.

Vital words
There are many more interesting features in this Kickstarter clone script. You can visit our official site for obtaining more information about this script.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Overview of Agriya’s Kickstarter clone script

Agriya came up with the revolutionary Kickstarter clone script to the digital world which facilitates the entrepreneurs to startup an exclusive pledge based crowdfunding website within 48 hours. This advanced script helps you to launch a next generation website in the fundraising industry with many significant features in it. Let’s take a quick look at this script.

Script description

Agriya’s outstanding Kickstarter clone script is the ready-made package which launches your website within a couple of days effectively. This script has pre-defined web designs, develop and test coding accurately for smooth functioning of the website. It also empowered with responsive web designs which help to increase the traffic rate of both mobile and desktop users in your website.

How it works?

This script acts as a bridge for connecting users who require funds for their creative ideas to the backers who are having a willingness to pledge their money for developing the project. Backers will view the listed ideas in your website and pledge for the proficient ideas. You will earn money for every pledge done by the backers.
Feature-rich script

Your pledge based crowdfunding website will be powered with many interesting and indispensable feature options for managing, operating and running it productively.

This leading-edge script embeds multiple pledging model and reward system options, which are most valuable options for your Kickstarter clone website. It gives flexibility for the users to select their own model and rewarding system to attract many new investors towards their idea.

What are ways of making revenue out of this script?

Starting from the registrations of every user to every pledge that occurs in the website, this script provides you excellent revenue generating options to your exceptional pledge based fundraising website. This script also avail ad banners and advertisement captcha option to make money out of the commercial world.
Vital words

This is the overall depiction of this Kickstarter clone script. Get in touch with Agriya to corral more information about this script.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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